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BX Tree Service provides affordable Bronx tree removal services to residential & commercial property owners alike. If you have unwanted trees on your property you should not try and remove them yourself. Many people underestimate the size of the tree. Even a tree that looks ‘skinny’ can way thousands of pounds. In fact an average size tree limb can weigh in at a few hundred pounds!

A falling tree or tree limb can cause catastrophic damage to property, and major injury if fallen on a person.

A local tree company like ours can help you remove any tree safely, and most of the time within the same day. You see we have some of the biggest tree chippers in NYC, and when a tree needs to be removed in the Bronx we’ll make it disappear fast!

In need of emergency tree removal service? Call our Bronx Tree Service now at 929-841-1776

Local Tree Removal Company

For over 50 years the team at BX Tree Service has been the go-to local tree removal company in the Bronx.

Our employees are all covered under over insurance policy, and they are highly trained and skilled tree climbers, tree cutters, and heavy machine operators. For a property owner these are the most important factors to make sure of, as hiring a company or ‘tree expert’ to work on your property without insurance could be a major legal issue for you.

Cutting and removing trees is a dangerous job, and this is why for you to remain safe from legal and physical harm, you need to work with the best!

If you have been searching for a tree service company in the Bronx and want to learn more about us please send us an email, or give us a call now.

When it comes to tree removal in the Bronx there is no better local tree company to call then BX Tree Service!