Reasons Why You Should Trim and Prune Your Trees in Summer

As a good rule of thumb, trees should be trimmed and pruned when dormant. However, it is also essential to consider other factors such as species, growth patterns, and weather. Even better, if you’re wondering where to find comprehensive knowledge about excellent tree care and wellness, a tree company will get you off the ground.

Some people prune and trim their trees during cold and rainy seasons. Nevertheless, damaged trees and fruit-bearing trees usually benefit from summertime trimming and pruning. This is because summer is a good time for tree shaping, and as such, here are the reasons why your trees should be trimmed and pruned in summer:

Eradicating Dead Foliage and Limbs

A particular way of pruning, known as “dead pruning” involves trimming and pruning diseased, dying, or already dead branches. The same type is also known as “crown cleaning” and is highly essential in boosting the tree’s overall look. Trimming or pruning dead branches at an early age reduces the risk of possible damages and injuries.  It’s also excellent in ensuring the prevention of diseases, thus increasing the tree’s aesthetic look.

During cold winter and rainy spring, most trees are damaged and diseased. Mostly, limbs and branches are the most affected parts. When summer comes, it’s therefore beneficial to carefully trim and prune these parts. However, instead of cutting and pruning carelessly, pay more attention to cutting limbs and branches that appear to have risks of causing more damage and stress to the tree’s growth and development.  Additionally, trees pruned and trimmed in summer are less vulnerable to the effects of falling over during strong winds or future storms.

Promoting Healthy Development

Diseased trees are prone to stunted growth patterns. During summer, storms will also lead to the weakening of branches in different ways.  Trimming and pruning are paramount because they help tree branches be sturdy, enhancing increased ability to withstand strong winds that can cause falling and breaking.

When trees struggle to grow some tree parts, summer is also the best time to help them rejuvenate and regrow. Additionally, when trimming and pruning in summer, be sure to work on the pink shoots that grow back quickly to prevent them from causing limb damages.

Primarily, summer is also ideal for what is called “crown thinning.” This is trimming that consists of removing weak branches to open tree canopies. The process is exceptional for its ability to allow a smooth and effortless flow of air and light. Also, crown thinning is a good option for reducing loads of huge branches. It also allows enough light penetration into the tree interior, which will magnificently help retain its natural shape.

Helps in Maintaining Strength

During summer, trimming and pruning enable trees to grow in the direction you want them to face to avoid falling due to strong winds and subsequent storms. Also, it helps boost lush canopies. Healthy tree canopies have unmatched benefits to the tree and the farmer. It reduces the effects of summer temperatures affecting trees, therefore, prevents stunted growths to seedlings. It also offers habitat to the wildlife. For the farmer, tree canopies will add aesthetic value to your home or workplace.  

Since tree limbs often lead to increased pressure on the roots and trunks, they are likely to weigh down the tree from its trunk or roots, which is why it’s essential to trim and prune limbs in summer. Without doing this, roots may shift from the ground, or the entire tree may fall. Also, trimming allows enough light and air from reaching the trunks, thus boosting healthy growth. 

Better still, trimming and pruning branches encourages healthy growth and development of fruits. This is beneficial because some dead and weak unwanted branches may still consume nutrients that boost fruit development.

Boosting Your Curb Appeal

Well pruned and trimmed trees can magnificently blend your yard into the aesthetic style you’ve always wanted for your home. They have a long-lasting impression which is a prime factor to keep in mind, especially if you’re interested in attracting tenants or selling your home.

While neglected trees look bad to most customers, they are also vulnerable to the quick spreading of tree diseases. Pruning and trimming unruly branches and limbs will also give your curb appeal an instant boost. Additionally, neglected branches can lead to damages to people and property.

Additionally, foliage growth close to electric lines also needs trimming and pruning to avoid accidents. For realtors, potential buyers are mostly turned off by trees that seem sick and uncared, so it’s crucial to trim and prune them regularly in summer.

Also, tree branches hanging low over the driveway, drive, or the street reduce a home’s aesthetic value, thus need trimming and pruning. Even better, if you reside in the municipality areas, trimming and pruning trees regularly is one way of complying and abiding by the tree management regulations. 

In a nutshell, whether you have a residential or commercial property, the bottom line is that no one wants diseased and untrimmed trees to be the first thing people notice when they approach your home, which is why trimming or pruning during summer is essential.

Excellently Staves Off Pests

Another significant reason for trimming and pruning trees in summer is controlling pests. Untrimmed trees attract pests since they offer them room for better shelter. Therefore, tree trimming and pruning will help clear branches, which reduces the chances of hiding diseases causing and destructive pests.

Additionally, untrimmed trees easily keep extra moisture, mainly during morning hours because of the dew and after rain. Increased moisture is one of the things pets love and can increase their manifestation. Also, increased moisture is a significant cause of tree diseases caused by fungus and more. 

That being said, be sure to inspect your tree limbs for pests like mites and aphids when trimming or pruning. Furthermore, trimming and pruning opens a clear pathway for light penetration, and most pets hate areas with an increased amount of light, so they’ll stay away from your trees, thus leaving them healthy and attractive.

Bottom Line

Working with a professional in any field has unmatched benefits most people can’t seem to imagine. When you find an excellent tree service company, they will always help you when tree needs arise. Here at , we’re most people’s favorite tree company. Our goal is to provide you with superb and satisfying tree services to boost your property’s appearance and value. Call us, and we’ll get you perfectly served. 

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